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Conventional wisdom: What everybody knows

Tuesday, John Murray held a phone-in to find a listener with the lowest bass singing voice in Ireland. As a throwaway remark, voice coach Paul Moussoulides said research showed listeners of both sexes preferred male voices on the radio. What research? WomenOnAir founder Margaret E Ward spent some time looking for this frequently cited research. […]

Just Say No

‘All citizens shall, as human persons, be held equal before the law’, our constitution grandly proclaims. Those words are clear cut. Among other things, I take them to mean that everyone should be pay their taxes, with no distinction in how citizens are treated. Which leads me to the conclusion, judges should pay their taxes. […]

Fixing the Bunreacht

There’s a constitutional amendment scheduled for October, to change our minds about the Lisbon treaty. This is an ideal opportunity for Dermot Ahern. He feels he must make blasphemy a crime, otherwise the people will go through the ‘costly and unwarranted diversion‘ of a referendum. But now he has an ideal chance to tack on […]

For Richer For Poorer

A religious think-tank has criticised the Ombudsman for pointing out that Irish tax laws discriminate against unmarried couples. The Iona Institute describes itself as ‘a pro-religion and pro-marriage organisation’. Institute director Davis Quinn said it would be a ‘serious mistake’ to treat married and unmarried couples in the same way. He went on to add […]


Am I the only one thinking it? That can’t be the case. Then it must be that I’m the only one willing to say it out loud. This year, the government estimates it will collect around six billion euro in corporation tax, give or take a million. Next year, even with credit crunches and recessions […]


Eileen Flynn died last week. Eileen Flynn came to public notice during the early eighties. Eileen was a teacher in a convent school. She lived with Richie Roche, a separated man. Divorce was illegal, Eileen and Richie couldn’t married. Shortly after Eileen had a child, she was fired by the nuns running the school where […]