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The chair

Dear Enda, I see that despite near-15% unemployment, you’ve having difficulty finding a chair for the constitutional convention, so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. I believe I’m an excellent candidate, not least because I’ll settle for €92K, so Brendan Howlin can rest assured I’m value for money. Now, my qualifications: I’m […]

An Open Letter To Enda Kenny

By now, the newspapers have been put to bed. Based on the preview I caught on Vincent Browne’s TV3 show, half of them are predicting dire consequences for you as a result of George Lee’s abdication. My guess is your media advisers have spent the day going over your response with you. So here’s what […]

Where Next for Fine Gael?

Enda Kenny did quite well last weekend. George Lee romped home to take a Dáil bye election seat, the European elections saw four MEPs returned, and Fine Gael won 340 local council seats. Then Fine Gael blew it, wasting two days on a ‘no confidence’ non-debate taking up time which should have been devoted to […]

Leading the Charge

If I was Enda Kenny, I’d be worried. He rescued his party from political oblivion in 2002, bringing them back from 31 to 51 seats in 2007. Thanks in part to Biffo’s cluelessness, he now finds himself at the head of a party with 38% support in the latest poll, about to deliver a historic […]