Random Walk

Googling the GRA earlier this week, I found www.gra.cc. So I wondered, ‘what does .cc stand for?’ It’s the two-letter country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, two atolls and 27 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. In 1609 Captain William Keeling was the first European to see the islands, which remained uninhabited until John […]

Life Imitates Faduda

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote jokingly about the Polish Passenger Initiative – the PPI. The notional scheme involved workers laid off by the construction industry carving out new careers as passengers in cars driven by Ireland’s estimated 100,000 drivers who carry provisional licenses, once new regulations were introduced at the start of July. […]

Ich bin ein Hamburger

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has outlined a package of measures aimed at saving €440m in public spending this year. In an unexpected move, the Cabinet announced it would set an example for other state agencies by curbing its own excesses. Taoiseach Brian Cowen will lead the way, restricting himself to traditional ballads during late night […]

Cold Feet

Over one thousand people stripped and stood around in the nip at Blarney castle earlier today. The stunt was the latest piece of art from the ironically named Spencer Tunick, an ‘installation’ by the performance artist who specialises in photographing the nude from. To date, Tunick has taken photographs of massed nudes at over seventy-five […]