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I spent the day at the Glencolmcille Agricultural Show, where I was lucky enough to win three Firsts in the Photographic section. [Click on images for larger view]

Glencolmcille Weekend

News from behind the sofa

You know you’re getting old when Time Lords start looking younger. First though, we had a bit of slapstick. Usually, we just see the Tardis interior. It’s not often we get to see it fly. The attack on the Daleks in Parting of the Ways. The crash landing in Christmas invasion. The Runaway Bride carchase. […]

Memory Hole

For some time yesterday, RTE and Highland radio websites carried the news that an iceberg could be seen off Arranmore island in Co Donegal. The story was false. The story is now gone from both websites, and at time of writing, neither mentions that it ever existed. The only online news source to carry the […]

Moving On

There’s a report in the Donegal News of an interview with Philip Boyce, bishop of Raphoe, regarding the fallout from the Murphy report. It’s worth looking at what he says. Boyce described the report as “shameful, horrific and beggars belief, it is hard to say anything else about it.” Boyce then described how one of […]

Katrina Brolly

There are days when the workings of the State confound me. No, this isn’t about NAMA, now passed by both houses of the Oireachtas, and – barring referral to the Supreme Court – set to become law within a week, as soon as President McAleese signs it. Instead, it’s about a case resolved on the […]


Every now and then, Fintan O’Toole ‘s gaze moves away from lofty matters of national import, to consider the state of popular culture. The result is a National Squirm. There are people who understand VIP and Hello magazine but Fintan, for all his merits, is not one of those people. I still recall how marvellously […]


Donegal has been more badly served by it’s planning policies than anywhere else in Europe, a consultant in vernacular architecture told a Heritage Week meeting in Glencolmcille. Dr Greg Stevenson is the Honorary Research Fellow in Vernacular Architecture at the University of Wales. “It’s a great shame. The planning policies are there to serve the […]

Home Sweet Home

From the memoirs of Jeremiah Curtin, an American who travelled to west Donegal around 1890: ‘The morning after my arrival in Carrick, I went to Teelin point to see the people and get an idea of their knowledge regarding myths. I had, as usual, to listen to tales of repression. The proprietor of the hotel […]

Biting The Hand

I took the weekend off, as you might have noticed, so 200 Words hasn’t been updated since Friday. Instead, I enjoyed the fine weather in Donegal. (Stop laughing at the back, it hardly rained at all…) This is one of the most anti-European of counties, if one is to judge by one interpretation of the […]