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Time and Space

Like every Doctor Who fan, I have a Doctor. My Doctor is Tom Baker. No matter who else is cast in the role, Baker will always be The Doctor (though Eccleston came close). But Doctor Who was never really about the Old Guy from Gallifrey. It was about the companions. And of all the nods […]

News from behind the sofa

You know you’re getting old when Time Lords start looking younger. First though, we had a bit of slapstick. Usually, we just see the Tardis interior. It’s not often we get to see it fly. The attack on the Daleks in Parting of the Ways. The crash landing in Christmas invasion. The Runaway Bride carchase. […]


The European Organization for Nuclear Research – better known as CERN – plans to press a Big Red Button on Wednesday, accelerating protons to within a whisker of the speed of light then smashing them against each other to recreate conditions similar to those just after the Big Bang. Naturally, this has brought the doomsayers […]