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A thought on the Occupy movement

At a crucial point in V for Vendetta, as the populace, wearing now-iconic Guy masks, march on Parliament, a stand-off develops between citizens and soldiers. It is resolved when the soldiers refuse to fire. It’s not the first time I’ve seen the meme. It also occurs in the pre-911 film The Siege, where crazed general […]

In Tehran, The Revolution Is Being Tweeted

For the record, some of the messages from one twitterer in Tehran, identified as persiankiwi. we do not know if foreign press are covering this. we cannot access satellites tehran is at standstill. all major routes jammed with people. unconfirmed as yet – mousavi newspaper offices raided. unconfirmed – Mashad is violent. have spoken with […]

Learning How The System Works

I had an interesting conversation with some (mostly Fianna Fáil, some Labour) local activists at the Kildare County Council election count yesterday. We started with the BNP results in the UK, and I mentioned that it seemed to be due to Labour voters staying at home. Apparently the BNP vote is actually down, but Labour […]