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Faduda v. Microsoft Part II

Today I got a reply to my letter to the Competition Authority about the Windows Tax. Reproduced below are key sections, along with my thoughts. Computer manufacturers tend to bundle laptops with pre-installed Windows. This may lead to significant cost saving or efficiency gains. It is therefore less expensive for computer manufactures to acquire a […]

Faduda v. Microsoft

Some time ago, I blogged about my frustration when I tried to price a microsoftless computer to replace my main laptop, which is starting to show signs of ageing. Happily, I arranged affordable repairs, but when I ended up on the Competition Authority website checking some facts, I decided to click the link at the […]

Where’s Wally?

Somehow, I can’t but feel a tinge of schadenfreude at the government’s dilemma as it tries to dig itself out of the hole it has created with the decision to end free medical care for citizens over the age of seventy, only to find itself stymied by the Competition Authority in its attempt to negotiate […]