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After Charleton

I wrote this before the Charleton tribunal first sat (and at a tim when I didn’t think I would be covering it). It feels appropriate to report it today. Every time a Morris report was published, experts and commentators suddenly appeared. They were almost entirely uninformed. And an awful lot of commentary will obsess about the tribunal’s costs. My sustained impression after almost a decade of seeing An Garda Síochána… Read Article →

The Charleton Report

As possibly the only journalist in Ireland to have covered two Garda tribunals of inquiry in their entirety, I should probably say a few words about what will probably come to be known in shorthand as the Charleton Tribunal. For starters, although I’d be glad to do so, it’s deeply unlikely I will cover a third Garda inquiry. The Morris and Smithwick tribunals — Morris in particular — occurred under… Read Article →