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Last week, I wrote about connectivity problems when using the vodafone-provided ‘mobile broadband‘ dongle with my shiny new Karmic Koala distro from Ubuntu. Fair’s fair, so it’s only right that I should report the fix which resolved the problem for me. I can’t guarantee this will work with every netbook/notebook configuration (in my case, E620 […]

Just Connect

In case you’ve been living under a rock, windows 7 (or Microsoft 7, as one headline writer labelled it) debuted last week. Since I don’t use Windows software, I’ve been paying attention to a different operating system launch. Karmic Koala, the latest linux distro from Ubuntu, hits the servers tomorrow. Normally, I’d look forward to […]

Striking An Odd Note

Meteor, the third place mobile telephone company in the Irish marketplace behind Vodafone and O2, has a new advertisement. The new commercial, which I caught on one of the radio stations as I drove home this evening, promotes the company’s mobile broadband offering. The service can be used for “those embarrassing music downloads, you know […]

Access All Areas

I use a sturdy pre-camera mobile phone, but it has limits. For example, if you send me a photo, I get a text message to the website where I can view it. Doing just that today, I ended up checking out the latest mobile broadband offer from O2. And something else too. I checked the […]

Ne’er The Twain

It’s said you can prove anything with statistics. Perhaps. But you can certainly make any argument by carefully selecting which statistics to cite. On Monday for instance, an EU survey showed Ireland still lags in internet access, with one in three still using low-speed dial-up modems. The survey confirms computer ownership and internet access are […]


Not that it makes any difference to the reader, but I’m not using my usual computer to post this message. My usual computer is a laptop running Windows XP. Articles are written using OpenOfficer Writer, then cut and pasted to my blog using the Firefox browser. But today, I’m writing on the backup, an IBM […]