What The Tallyman Saw I (Kildare/Athy) #le09

The first boxes opened in Kildare came from the Athy district (4 seats)

49% turnout

Mark Wall (Lab) 28.4%
* Martin Miley Jnr (FF) 19.3%
Martin Heydon (FG) 17.9%
* Mark Dalton (FF) 12.2
Richard Daly (FG) 9.2%
* Billy Hillis (FG) 7.6%
John Lawler (Ind) 5.4%

[* indicates outgoing councillor]

Wall’s surplus will likely go to FG, but may send enough Miley’s way to see him take the second seat. Heydon (FG) will also be elected. The fourth seat may go FF or FG, but most likely FG.

No firm tally numbers on the Ireland East seat, but the impression is Childers is polling very strongly, with McGuinness a strong second and a dogfight between Aylward(FF) and Phelan (FG) for third spot.

Tallymen are saying they’ve never seen organisation as strong as the Labour vote in Athy.

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