What The Tallyman Saw IV (Kildare / Kildare) #le09

Tallys for Kildare Co Council / Kildare District (6 seats)

Kennedy (Ind) 11.8%
Doyle (FF) 10.5%
Nolan (FG) 10%
O’Donnell (FG) 9.6%
O’Loughlin (FF) 9.5%
Stafford (FG) 9.2%
Black (FF) 8.7%
Browne (Lab) 8.5%
Kane (Lab) 8.3%
Aspell (Ind) 5.2%
Downey (SF) 4.1%
Hardt (GP) 2.3%
Tierney (Ind) 1.5%

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