What The Tallyman Saw III (Kildare / Naas) #le09

Kildare Co Council /Naas district tally (5 seats)

Lawlor (FG) 16%
Scully (FG) 16%
MacNamara (Lab) 14%
Moore (Ind) 12%)
Callaghan (FF) 10%
Power (GP) 9%
Lawless (FF) 7%
Carthy (Lab) 6%
Corcoran (Ind) 6%
Cassidy (FF) 2%
Monaghan (Ind) 1%
Spoils 1%

Power (GP) looks likely to lose his seat. Notably, Lawlor, Scully and Seimi Moore are not serving county councillors.

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2 replies on “What The Tallyman Saw III (Kildare / Naas) #le09”

  1. All the elected members in 09 were former coucillors. P Mac and WCallaghan were returned as incumbents. D Scully was a sitting town councillor. S Moore is a long standing town councillor and mayor of Naas. A Lawlor was not an outgoing councillor but had served in previous terms, stepping down for one term before coming back this time. Well done to them all but it would be inaccurate to report them as new faces.

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