What The Tallyman Saw II (Kildare /Celbridge) #le09

Celbridge tally 6 seats
Turnout 49%

Catherine Murphy (Ind) 26%
Kevin Byrne (Lab) 17%
Senan Griffin (FG) 8%
John McGinley(Lab) 12%
Paul Kelly (FF) 6%
Katie Ridge (FG) 6%
Joe Neville (FG) 5%
Colm Purcell (Lab) 6%
Shane Fitzgerald (GP) 6%
Brid Feeley (FF) 3%
Paul Ward (FF) 3%
Ivan Farina (Ind) 1.4%

Catherine Murphy, the former Independent TD who lost her seat in 2007, is also expected to take 3 quotas in Celbridge town council, evidence of a strong base from which to take back her Dail seat in the Kildare NE constituency.
The tallymen are predicting seats for Murphy, Byrne, McGinley, Griffin, and Kelly, with the final seat impossible to call at present, though it most likely between Fitzgeradld (GP) and one of the remaining FF candidates.

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