Kildare (Kildare) first count #le09

Kildare Co Council / Kildare District (6 seats)
Electorate 33921
Total Poll 16071
Spoiled 240
Total Valid Poll 15831
Quota 2262

First count

Paddy Kennedy (Ind) 1869
Suzanne Doyle (FF) 1654
Micheál ‘Spike’ Nolan (FG) 1582
Fiona O’Loughlin (FF) 1511
Tony O’Donnell (FG) 1500
Mark Stafford (FG) 1469
Pat Black (FF) 1415
Francis Browne (Lab) 1343
Adrian Kane (Lab) 1341
Murty Aspell (Ind) 876
Sean Downey (SF) 662
John Hardt (GP) 367
John Tierney (Ind) 242

HArdt (GP) and Tierney (Ind) eliminated

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