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Kildare (Celbridge) 5th count #le09

Kildare (Celbridge) 5th count
Quota 2490

Distribution of votes of Feely (FF) and Ward (FF)

Kelly (FF) +685 = 2005
Purcell (Lab) +44 = 1769
Griffin (FG) +95 = 1648
Ridge (FG) +85 = 1500
Fitzgerald (G) +95 = 1453
Neville (FG) +18 = 1272

Neville eliminated, and his votes will now be distributed.

Kelly (FF) looks certain to be elected, only 85 votes away from the quota. It seems likely that Fizgerald (G) will be next to be eliminated. The final two seats will most likely go to Purcell (Lab) and Griffin (FG)