Kildare Co Council (Kildare district) final report FF(2) FG(2) Lab(1) Ind (1) #le09

Kildare Co Council (Kildare district) final report Paddy Kennedy (Ind) elected on 4th count Fiona O’Loughlin (FF) elected on 7th count Tony O’Donnell (FG) elected on 7th count Micheál ‘Spike’ Nolan (FG) elected on 7th count Suzanne Doyle (FF) elected on 8th count Francis Browne (Lab) elected on 10th count without reaching quota Total: FF(2) […]

Kildare (Kildare district) 2FG 1FF elected on 7th count #le09

Kildare (Kildare) 7th count Quota 2262 Distribution of Black Fiona O’Loughlin (FF) +529 = 2410 Micheál ‘Spike’ Nolan (FG) +2357 Tony O’Donnell (FG) +59 = 2294 Suzanne Doyle (FF) + 369 = 2203 Francis Browne (Lab) +103 = 1885 Adrian Kane (Lab) + 83 = 1844 Micheál ‘Spike’ Nolan, Fiona O’Loughlin and Tony O’Donnell elected. […]