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How To Fix Breaking News

There’s a scene in Back to the Future III where our hero picks up a newspaper, and as he does so, the front page changes to display a breaking news story, the scene he is witnessing. Most science fiction get the future horribly wrong, but in this case there might be a germ of truth to it. Newspapers are terribly excited by ebook formats. Imagine a ‘paper’ with a twitter… Read Article →

Kildare (Naas) second count #le09

Kildare (Naas) second count Quota 2191 Distribution of votes from Cassidy (FF) and Monaghan (Ind) Anthony Lawlor (FG) +27 = 2140 Darren Scully (FG) +39 = 2151 Paddy MacNamara (Lab) +18 = 847 Seamie Moore (Ind) +56 = 1688 Willie Callaghan (FF +112 = 1435 JJ Power (GP) +36 = 1201 James Lawless (FF) +69 = 1040 Pat McCarthy (Lab) +19 = 1838 Donal Corcoran (Ind) +49 = 786 Donal… Read Article →