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Radio, podcast, and other earfuls

When are bloggers media?

I attended an event today to mark World Press Freedom day, as a result of which I’m posing the audio below. The first speech is by Kevin Bakhurst, RTÉ Deputy Director-General and Managing Director of News & Current Affairs, on the particular challenges facing broadcasting. It is followed by a speech by John Horgan, Press […]

Interview with Declan Ralph/Near FM about Guth magazine

“A teacher and columnist…”

“Breda O’Brien is a teacher and a columnist with the Irish Times”, according to the clip below. But unlike Joan Collins and Ciara Conway, her political affiliation is not mentioned during this introduction, on a Late Debate programme to discuss the death of Savita Halappanavar, and the abortion debate it sparked. Breda is a patron […]

Gabriel Byrne and the Gathering

Solar weather and planet Earth

An interview with Dr Lyndsay Fletcher, Glasgow University, about solar weather, recorded for Scibernia in June 2011.

Irish Science Teachers Association

An interview with Yvonne Higgins, chairperson of the Irish Science Teachers Association, for Scibernia, recorded in April 2011.

Dunsink Observatory and Dublin Mean Time

I recently visited Dunsink observatory to do a piece for Scibernia. You can listen to the piece below, or visit the Scibernia website to hear the entire show, including insect-eating and the science behind invisibility cloaks. Click here to listen:

Scibernia: The SFI Think-In

I’m an occasional contributor to Scibernia, the Science podcast also broadcast on Near fm. Too occasional, unfortunately. While I’ve done a few reports for the project, scheduling problems mean I rarely get a chance to sit in on the studio recordings. I do however manage the occasional piece, such as when I travelled to the […]

Get the feeling we didn’t hear enough about the referendums?

From Marian Finucane on RTE Radio One last Saturday, Fergal Keane: Maybe referendums just aren’t that much fun.


For the longest time, I thought they were crickets. I wasn’t too sure what a cricket was, but the sound was vaguely similar. In every western I ever saw as a child, there was a scene where the cowboys sat around a campfire, and the exposition took place as one of the characters explained some […]