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Category Archives: Rameis

The Inbetweentimes

‘What time is it?’ ‘It’s not next year yet. It’s still last year.’

Deal or No-Deal

The Irish lads who were all for Lexit have suddenly gone very quiet.

Merry Christmas Reader

Have yourself a Jumbo Christmas Celebration wherever you are.

Decisions and Consequences

At least the dinosaurs had the excuse of an asteroid strike. We’re doing it to ourselves.

Science Lesson

Next time someone writes a “living without technology” article, I want to see them survive without antibiotics and pasteurisation.


Yer Da thinks the pendulum has swung too far the other way.


What exactly is a neo-luddite? Surely the entire point of Luddism is the absence of ‘neo-.’

Not Included

Annual reminder to everyone preparing Christmas lists: you’re going to need more batteries.


One unexpected benefit of Covid has been the reduction in cases of man-flu.

Model Citizen

Isn’t it curious how profiling is suddenly a bad idea once the algorithm says white men are the problem?