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Category Archives: Rameis

Mala Fides

It seems that all too often an assumption of good faith is bad practice.

Foxtrot Oscar

And the winner for Best Irish Actor Wrongly Identified As British in the English Press is…

Same Old Story

Every time I think I’ve become too cynical a news story comes along to remind me I’ve mispessimised again.

Mix ‘n’ Match

I still can’t believe sportswear manufacturers decided to mark which socks were right or left footed.


Your opinion is important to us. Please stay on the line until you hear the signal to leave voicemail.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Welcome back to the Phone-in Show, and Dermot is on the line to talk about how Bill Gates faked the Mars Perseverance landing in a sandpit outside Reno to mess with Elon Musk.


The RTE funding cycle 1. That gobshite is on again, paid a fortune to talk shite. 2. Several days pass. 3. Did you see that Prime Time special? Worth the license for that alone. 4. Days pass. 5. Repeat Step 1.


How can there be too much news when there’s only one story?


If there’s a nazi protesting, and ten other people join the protest, then you have an eleven nazi protest.

Market Research

When the market research tells you nobody under 50 buys your newspapers any more, doubling down to pander to Victor Meldrew for a quick buck becomes very tempting.