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Category Archives: Rameis


You can’t insult anybody any more, it’s PC gone mad.


Underlying condition – the “known to the gardaí ” of the medical profession.


That tv show you’re hatewatching ironically? Advertisers don’t care about your motivation. If you want to kill it — ignore it.

Status Quo

“…And in summary, after the Budget you’re still poor…”

Budget predictions

Piles of money for landlords and developers, thinly disguised as assistance for new homebuyers and renters. Greens somehow going out to defend roadbuilding plans. At least six different news articles making the same tired 007 joke about the Garda Secret Service fund.

Behavioral analysis

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, there comes a point where it doesn’t really matter whether it is a duck or just acts like one.


Don’t you hate how Winterval has become so commercialised? It seems to start earlier every year.

The Adults in the Room

We don’t really grow up, we just learn to fake it.


Welcome to the month of Halloween, when we make up scary stories, and forget for a while just how terrifying climate change is.

Spider-Man: Homunculus

Disappointing to hear the antagonist in the new Spider-Man movie won’t be Elon Musk, pushed over the edge to super-villainy because Tony Stark snubbed his idea for an electric plane.