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Category Archives: Rameis

King of the Hill

Being at the front of a line is not always the same as leading.


When a political party struggles to reach a 30% quota for male candidates, then you’ll know gender equality has arrived.

New Era

BC Before Covid AD After Delta

Cover Versions

Dune. Rambo. Top Gun. Bill and Ted The Matrix. Terminator. Highlander Firestarter. Charlie’s Angels. Seems every film for the next decade that isn’t a Marvel or DC Comic will be a 1980s action movie remake.

Serve Cold

Actually I would wish it on my worst enemy…


To save time, just replace “I know it’s not politically correct but..” with the words I am a bully”.

On Notice

If you’re offering free WiFi, the least you can do is post the password prominently.


“The Gell-Mann amnesia effect posits a reader will see an article they know to be deeply inaccurate, turn the page, read an article they know nothing about, and assume it to be 100% accurate.” “Yet for some reason, the Effect is reversed when news moves online. Now one bad article five years ago contaminates the […]


A cold boot solves 97% of all I.T. issues.

Mea Culpa

Being an apologist means never having to say sorry.