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I have never seen a situation so dismal that the arrival of an entitled white dude did not make it worse.

Standards and Practices

Most days I don’t really mind that most newspaper columnists are professional trolls. I just wish we attracted a better class of troll.

Action Inaction

It always amazes me how easily officialdom fn=inds excuses not to do things, and how reluctant they are to find reasons to do things.


How is it George Lee made 2007 rising house prices sound more terrifying than the impending end of civilisation due to climate change?

Monday 18 January 2021

Bullshit Detection: You can tell a lot about a news organisation by whether they’re willing to recycle the annual ‘Blue Monday’ PR bull


People keep saying Facebook should do something about the problem. Facebook is the problem.

Never-Ending Story

Turns out the most far-fetched part of the Handmaid’s Tale is that afterwards, there would be an honest accounting of what happened during the Gilead Period.

Sweet Summer Child

Is George RR Martin even pretending to write the books any more?

Final Word

The show’s not over until the Brendan O’Neill Bullshit Generator writes an article about it.


When a politician leaks a story to a journalist that makes the politician look good, it’s not a scoop, it’s public relations.