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Jabilation: the delighted feeling you get when you hear about other people getting vaccinated.


Every time you read about where Silicon Valley is investing billions, keep in mind we’re talking about a cohort that regards Elon Musk as one of its leading lights.

Leopards Eating People’s Faces

Could a milkshake duck ever truly change its spots?

My Goodness⸮

Do you remember Guinness Light? ⸮Ah yes. The DeLorean of beers⸮

Cúpla focal

The word “Gaeltacht” is made up of “Gael”, meaning “Irish”, and “Tacht”, meaning “strangle”, and thus reflects official policy towards the irish language community.

News Values

Audience is a product sold to advertisers. Anger is an energy.

Small Screen

NEW PET PEEVE: websites which undergo radical redesign to offer a better mobile experience, but end up being near unusable on a computer as a result.


Local councillors don’t have many powers, so it’s worth interrogating them over the ones they do have. Ask your councillors how they voted in Seanad elections. Better yet, challenge them to publish their ballots.

Trading Notice

Commercial features. Collaborative reporting. Native advertising. Brand journalism. Sponsored content. Special reports. It’s still paid-for advertising no matter what you call it.


Just our luck to get an Icelandic volcano during a pandemic which isn’t serious enough to stop air travel.