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Category Archives: 200 Words

Gerard Cunningham writes 200 Words at a time. Sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, whatever is going on around the place.

Writing Prompt

In 1953, Raymond Chandler parodied science-fiction, namedropping Google. Did you ever read what they call Science Fiction. It’s a scream. It is written like this: “I checked out with K19 on Adabaran III, and stepped out through the crummaliote hatch on my 22 Model Sirus Hardtop. I cocked the timejector in secondary and waded through […]

Revue: Drapier Online

Social media is a strange creature. In some ways, we are back in the 17th century, trying to figure out which pamphleteers are worthwhile. Blogs, in essence, are pamphlets. And bloggers are pamphleteers. AngryDude1966 is the new Drapier, or Thomas Paine. Which is fine. Trouble is, as the web grows more similar thanks to Google […]

Revue: Soundings

Just under one year ago, on 4 May, I posted the first tracks of the Freelance Forum 2020 podcast series to Soundcloud. Over the past ten years, I’d made recordings of different sessions at Freelance Forum events, and later uploaded them, but it was a hapazard exercise. Some sessions were never recorded, some recordings failed […]

Revue: Below The Fold

Two decades ago, a Downing Street spin doctor got into trouble for sending out a memo on September 11 for suggesting it might be “a good day to bury bad news”. Since then, the media lens has become even more myopic, regularly monstering a single story for ratings, and ignoring everything else. As the news […]

Revue: Memento Mori

Not many people remember it, but there was a time when the only hipsters in Ireland were Pat Kenny and Larry Gogan Back in the days before 2FM, even before there were pirate radio stations, Pat and Larry were the long haired hippie weirdos of national broadcasting. So one day, Eamon de Valera died. President […]

Revue: Apocalypse Now

The Four Horsemen, Revised Edition. Death Pestilence Famine War

Revue: On Punditry

Revue is a newsletter app, and they recently hooked up with Twitter. I sent out this article on Friday 26 March. Punditry: How I got it wrong About five years ago, I found myself on a radio roundtable panel giving my opinion on the week’s events. And I got it wrong. Spectacularly, undeniably wrong. Donald […]

Revue: Hello World

Revue is a newsletter app, and they recently hooked up with Twitter. I sent out this article on Friday 19 March. The EU needs an EU wide shared news outlet. Something set up to overcome the language barriers between us, so that, for example, Irish people aren’t at the mercy of politicians defining how well […]

Year Two

It’s been a year. One year ago last week, I cancelled the Freelance Forum. At the time, the optimistic plan was to reorganise the same event later in the year. It soon became clear that wasn’t going to work. Instead, we moved online as a series of podcasts. Fourteen episodes in the Spring, three more […]

From Gaia to QNN

This Is QNN QNN feels a little on the nose, so I doubt I’m the first to think of it. I’m sure there are people out there using it as a handy name for media platforms supplying Q-Anon-inspired Qonspiracy theorists with grist. As an aside, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more about Gaia as the […]