Follow The Money

Something strange is going on in the funding of the political parties. Fianna Fáil, for instance, declared it received donations of €19044 during last year’s general election, from three donors. Yet in the same election, it spent €3 millon. A similar picture emerges with the other parties. In fact, there’s a gap of €8.8 million […]


Not that it makes any difference to the reader, but I’m not using my usual computer to post this message. My usual computer is a laptop running Windows XP. Articles are written using OpenOfficer Writer, then cut and pasted to my blog using the Firefox browser. But today, I’m writing on the backup, an IBM […]

Autrefois Acquit

The Dáil is getting over the shock of the defeat on the Lisbon referendum. Today, an almighty row broke out when justice minister Dermot Ahern didn’t show up to a debate on the renewal of the Offences Against the State Act. The row broke out for a second time when Fine Gael learned he was […]

Less Is More?

I spent the Whit weekend bank holiday in Gleann Cholm Cille, enjoying both time with my family and Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta – the Gaeltacht football championships. Photos from the latter can be seen elsewhere on this site. One of the things that struck me over the weekend was the Lisbon treaty electioneering. In the […]

Cold Feet

Over one thousand people stripped and stood around in the nip at Blarney castle earlier today. The stunt was the latest piece of art from the ironically named Spencer Tunick, an ‘installation’ by the performance artist who specialises in photographing the nude from. To date, Tunick has taken photographs of massed nudes at over seventy-five […]

Call Waiting

I had to phone the government this morning. I tried several times to get through to the relevant number. Each time, I got a recorded message telling me the holder of the number had not set up a voicemail account, the automatic forwarding service was not able to forward me to an operator, and could […]

Dead Planet Sketch

Poor old Pluto just can’t get a break. First it’s demoted from a plant to a dwarf planet. That’s not too bad. It’s no longer the Premiership, but at least it’s still a planet. Then the International Astronomical Union announced that dwarf plants will in future be known as plutoids. Pluto wasn’t easy to find. […]

Free Trade

Neelie Kroes is my new hero. I’ve been moving away from microsoft for years. I browse the web with Firefox. I design publications with Scribus. And I dropped MS Office in favour of OpenOffice two years ago. I’m writing this article using OpenOffice writer, and have over the years written countless articles and two books […]