The trouble with EU elections is they feel irrelevant. Even more than presidential elections, they’re seen as an ideal avenue for a protest vote. In the UK, this is why Nigel Farage is an MEP and a serial failed Westminster candidate. In Ireland, the presidential election is a bit odd. We care about who is […]

In Memory: Lyra McKee

I can’t remember when I first met Lyra McKee. She was that very 21st century thing, a twitter friend. We first came across each other there, back when it was still small enough to feel like a community. That friendship led eventually to meetups in real life as we attended some of the same events, […]

Censorship of Films and Publications in Ireland 2011-18

Following on from a recent Freedom of Information request to the Censorship of Publications Board, a further FOI to the Irish Film Classification Office and the Cesorship of Publications Board. Irish Film Classification Office FOI Response from Irish Film Classification Office 106-18 Decision Censorship of Publications Board FOI Response from Censorship of Publications Board Part […]

After Charleton

I wrote this before the Charleton tribunal first sat (and at a time when I didn’t think I would be covering it). It feels appropriate to repost it today. Every time a Morris report was published, experts and commentators suddenly appeared. They were almost entirely uninformed. And an awful lot of commentary will obsess about […]

Life Changes

Some thoughts while waiting for the count. Negative campaigning didn’t suppress the Yes vote. It infuriated young voters tired of the dead hand of history and impatient for the polls to open so they could cast their vote and move on. And speaking of young people… The young voted against the Eighth in 1983, but […]