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Author Archives: Gerard Cunningham

Gerard Cunningham occupies his time working as a journalist, writer, sub-editor, blogger and tweeter, yet still finds himself underemployed. Go figure.


It’s unronic… when you use the word ironic incorrectly

Elephant in the Room

It’s weird how invisible the pandemic is in TV. It’s there in the background, reduced crowd scenes, fewer extras, more outdoor action, but mostly unacknowledged. I’m told that references to current events date a show very quickly, but I’m not sure that stands up. Compare to how pop culture dealt with the 2016 US election […]


We are now as far from the Swinging Sixties as William Hartnell was from the Edwardian Era in 1963. Maybe the 14th Doctor should be a hippy.

Magic Bullet

Remember the Good Old Days when the only conspiracy theorists were the JFK nuts?

Real News

The trouble with conspiracy theorists is they don’t know they are conspiracy theorists.


Young Fine Gaelers like to imagine themselves walking around Leinster House to the theme from The West Wing. While the Ogra soundtrack is by the Wolfe Tones.

Culture Wars

Well, that’s the Poppy Wars sorted for another year. Now for the War On Christmas

Cop Out

Anxiously awaiting the news from COP26, to find out if the parties are unable to reach agreement, or they produce an agreed text we will then ignore.

Laws of Physics

Green ministers moving through the landscape, political neutrinos leaving barely a trace.

Propaganda 101

Propaganda is mostly repetition. When your lie is disproved, it doesn’t matter, just keep repeating it.