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Rear View Mirror

It seems to be traditional to reflect on the decade gone by every time a year ending in a zero rolls around, so here goes.
In truth, I feel I’ve been treading water for the last while. A decade ago, when this blog was younger, social media hadn’t sucked the oxygen out of small websites yet, and the world was a different place.
Ten years ago, I was still a smoker. I quit in at the end of 2014. In possibly related news, I gained a lot of weight. And despite better diet and exercise, that weight is a lot slower to lose than to gain.
Two decades ago, I hoped I would be a journalist ten years on. A decade ago, I expected that I would still be a journalist ten years on. This time, I’m not so sure where I will be ten years on. Journalism continues to shrink.
On the other hand, I should still be writing. Though it remains an open question whether I can find enough markets to make sure that’s a paying proposition.
Here’s to the next ten years. See you again in 2030.

Fireworks at night time photo – Free Nature Image on Unsplash :Spencer Davis